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2014 Series Race Results
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Reminder to our Racers that the Fall Series begins Sunday, Sept 7th. After racing on that day, the 2nd Annual JYC Chowder Cook-off  will be held at Fort Getty. All of our racers are welcome. For details, please see the http://www.jyc.org/Newsletters. Hope to see you there.

Cheryl Rienzo
JYC Fleet Captain/Race Committee Chairperson





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Race Circular
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JYC/CYC Challange History


The Jamestown Yacht Club Race Committee would like to inform you of the Coast Guard requirements regarding our event permit for the JYC racing.
The race participants are not exempt from any Federal, state, or local laws or regulations, including no-wake zones.
Per our Sailing Instructions, paragraph 17.2, all participants are required to follow Rule 9 of the Navigation Rules, which prohibits interference with vessels than can only navigate within areas considered "narrow channels or fairways".  Narragansett Bay has been designated a Restricted Channel and sailing vessels do not automatically become "stand-on" or "privileged" by virtue of participation in the racing event, i.e., do not have right of way over a vessel under power which may be restricted in her ability to maneuver.
In decreased visibility (less than 2 nautical miles), race participants must comply with the COLREGS sound signal requirements.
Additionally, JYC racers are reminded of the requirements, per paragraph 17.1 of the JYC Sailing Instructions, to check-out with the race committee if withdrawing from a race for whatever reason, as we must notify the CG when all our boats have finished racing.
All JYC race participants are reminded that operating in a negligent manner (as determined by the Coast Guard) may cause our racing series to be terminated.
Our racers are reminded that they should be considerate of other racers in other series racing, particularly in the confined space of Newport harbor and the starting lines of the other race series. Per The Racing Rules of Sailing, racers can be protested by boats sailing in another race series. Continued interference with the other regattas sailing out of Newport harbor, may be viewed as negligent by the Coast Guard, who is monitoring the races. Several instances have been reported by the other race committees of our boats running through the starting line with a sequence in progress. Please be considerate and avoid other starting lines!

Additionally, JYC racers are reminded, per paragraph 12 of the JYC Sailing Instructions, to not recross the finish line. "If a competitor interferes with another boat’s finish, he/she is subject to protest by the race committee." 
Thank you for your attention to the above and your cooperation on the race course.

Cheryl Rienzo
JYC Race Committee

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